A few words about Deb Lecce

In 1971, while still in high school, I first embraced clay. As I wandered the halls searching for the stone carving room, I stumbled upon the clay studio. Looking back at it now, this was and is the only time that I have ever been grateful for my lack of directional skills. I observed the students at their wheels, and the hand builders shaping expression into developing forms.
I was enamored. From this moment on I knew that clay was my passion. 

The potter’s wheel is my primary tool. It allows me to create a canvas for embellishment while also challenging the physical boundaries of the medium. Wavering rims, darted forms, and paddled surfaces help me discover which direction a piece will go. 

As the seasons change so does my work. The quiet hint of spring calls me to pursue garden sculptures and the autumns abundant harvest lead me to wrap my arms around large platters. Although the seasons may influence and change the world around me, my quest will always remain the same; to stay engaged in a life long exploration with such a beautiful and challenging material on this lifelong journey.